Helping you find happiness at work and home

Wellbeing and happiness programs for businesses & individuals


Helping you find happiness at work and home

Wellbeing and happiness programs for businesses & individuals

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Would you like to feel:

  • More content, optimistic and joyful?
  • More emotionally resilient?
  • More forgiving and compassionate towards yourself and others?
  • More creative, focused and productive at work?
  • Calmer and able to live in the present moment?
  • More energetic, lighter and not as weighed down by worries?
  • Less judgement towards yourself and others?
  • More empowered, self assured and confident?

If any of your answers are YES, then we can help

What we do

At Happy Ground Wellbeing, we’re here to help you find the purpose, peace and happiness in your life. Our proven techniques and tools will help you rediscover your sense of joy, live more in the present moment, and teach you how to feel calm and balanced, no matter how hectic life gets.

If you’re a manager, team leader or business owner, we can also help you have a happier, more engaged workforce. Our courses have helped people from all walks of life feel less stressed, lighter, calmer and happier.

We’d love to help you too.

Our services

Finding Happy Ground

A practical guide to hope and happiness

As someone who has spent many years seeking love, guidance, acceptance and ‘a sign’ from the world on what will fulfil my life, the frank practicality of this book felt like a road map home.

Teleah Healy, Yoga Instructor

Happy customers

Business courses

Ivan’s calm yet firm, confident manner in taking us through the practice of meditation is what makes his seminar so effective
– and memorable. I have been practising meditation and mindfulness for many decades and been to several corporate- sponsored seminars on it over the years. Ivan’s approach is more effective than the others I have experienced. Highly recommended.


Organisational Consultant/Coach
Thank you so much for coming and talking to our group. Everyone raved about it the whole weekend! You gave us all a good reminder that our wellbeing is so important.


Bell Partners

Courses for individuals

My thanks to Ivan and Dani of Happy Ground who have provided me with the tools for a better life. My daily meditation and diary entries encompass all I am grateful for and are a reminder of how much I have grown within the group. I smile more readily, find solitude when I need it and allow myself to feel happy. Thank you to Happy Ground!


The course was good because it provided you with the tools and strategies to enjoy life more & live in the moment more. It examines the blocks to your happiness and why they are there and what you can do to remove those blocks and make yourself a much happier person. Now I sit on the deck, listen to the birds and appreciate what I have more.



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