Finding Happy Ground is a practical guide to hope and happiness and it is AVAILABLE NOW from a range of online booksellers.

The book contains the essence of what Ivan Zwart has learnt from many years of research, meditation practice, happiness coaching and lived experience of mental health challenges. The book has five steps which include steps for the heart and the mind, and over forty practical exercises which can be undertaken alone or with friends. This book can help you to:

  • Better manage challenging emotions such as anger, fear and sadness
  • Think in ways that support you
  • Improve your relationships
  • Make great lifestyle choices
  • Feel more peace, love and joy

What others say

A number of people have reviewed the book, and this is what they had to say:

As someone who has spent many years seeking love, guidance, acceptance and ‘a sign’ from the world on what will fulfil my life, the frank practicality of this book felt like a road map home. Finding Happy Ground is a guided invitation that challenges the reader to face the elaborate wayward stories of the mind, and to seek clarity from your true source of happiness (and humanness); your heart. It is filled with so many truths that it makes my heart swell with gratitude, as it has shown me how to return to true north, the source. It left me with all the same warmth, comfort and joy of a long warm embrace with a loved one.

Teleah Healy, Yoga instructor

Ivan’s book is insightful, practical and a joy to read. His challenging lived-experience of mental ill health and subsequent recovery, blended with the practical advice and exercises presented, are testimony to the book’s possible impact. A new paradigm is being offered: search for and live with a practical heart and mind balance. The book offers a well-balanced perspective from positive psychology, other mind-based approaches and innovative heart-centred work. For anyone feeling ‘stuck’, running in circles, disempowered or not quite there yet, this unique book offers new, down-to-earth and clear ways forward.

Klaus Baur, CEO Flourish Mental Action in our Hands Inc., Tasmania

A huge thank you to Ivan for sharing his journey through the ups and downs of life, and filling his life with love, joy and meaning.  The insights drawn from his experiences, positive psychology and meditative practices provide a wonderful array of valuable guidance for anyone who wants to live their life with a deep sense of happiness and purpose. 

Debbie Hindle, Masters of Applied Positive Psychology