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A practical guide to hope & happiness


Please note: The original 2019 publication is no longer available.

We are reviewing the book and are currently working on a much better, more helpful, and up-to-date book.

We will notify you through our Facebook page, when it is available.

by Dr. Ivan Zwart Founder of Happy Ground Wellbeing

“The insights drawn from his experiences, positive psychology and meditative practices, provides a wonderful array of valuable guidance for anyone who wants to live their life with a deep sense of happiness and purpose.”

Debbie Hindle
(Masters of Applied Positive Psychology)
2Appreciate Consulting

“As someone who has spent many years seeking love, guidance, acceptance and ‘a sign’ from the world on what will fulfil my life, the frank practicality of this book felt like a road map home.”

Teleah Healy
Yoga Instructor


About the author

Dr Ivan Zwart’s mission in life is to use his caring nature and genuine love of people to improve the wellbeing and happiness of others. He works as a consultant with his business Happy Ground Wellbeing based in Tasmania, Australia, and runs wellbeing programs that consistently change lives for the better.

About the book

Immediately after a very rough time in life Ivan Zwart thought “I’m going to write a book about this one day because perhaps I can help others”. So here it is.

Finding Happy Ground comes from someone who had lost all hope, but found a path to a much happier life. It combines lessons learnt from a lived experience of mental illness and recovery, with years of research, meditation practice, and happiness teaching. Through five steps and over 40 practical exercises, Finding Happy Ground shows you that happiness is not only about the condition of your mind, but also your heart.

This book can help you to:

  • Better manage challenging emotions such as fear, anger and sadness
  • Think in ways that support you
  • Improve your relationships
  • Make smart lifestyle choices
  • Feel more peace, love and joy

Although the world has plenty of problems, there’s so much we can do to become happier, such as become more grateful, more optimistic and more forgiving. We can learn to meditate with all its attendant benefits, and we can learn to manage our stress. We can become more compassionate and relate better to others. We can also modify our lifestyles in many different ways. All of these things can make us happier. As a result of being happier our brains function better, we are more productive and creative, and time at work and home become more enjoyable as well. When we feel happy life goes more smoothly and we look forward to today and every day after that. This book can help you to find your happy ground.

Is this book for you?

  • Do you get anxious and worry a lot?
  • Are you quick to get angry at situations or the people around you?
  • Do you feel constantly busy and rushed, like you’re on a treadmill that’s not going anywhere?
  • Do you struggle to forgive yourself and others?
  • Do you have trouble relaxing and winding down at the end of the day?
  • Do you just feel heavy under the weight of your burdens?

Would you like to feel happier, calmer and more optimistic and experience the joys of life? Then this book is for you.

About the author

Ivan Zwart’s mission in life is to use his caring nature and genuine love of people to improve the wellbeing and happiness of others. He works as a consultant with his business Happy Ground Wellbeing in Tasmania, Australia. He is a trained meditation guide and facilitator, and runs wellbeing programs that have consistently changed lives for the better. He is also a consumer representative with Flourish, a community sector mental health organisation based in Tasmania. Prior to creating Happy Ground Wellbeing, he completed a doctorate in political science and worked in a range of professional roles including researcher, community engagement officer and consultant.

While Ivan continues to have a successful professional career, from his early twenties he struggled with his mental health, suffering from anxiety, chronic fatigue and depression. However, his biggest mental health challenge occurred when he became manic in 2010 after the death of his father, which followed the death of his mother in 2006. These traumatic events depleted him emotionally, spiritually and physically. Unfortunately, however, he was admitted to hospital and was subsequently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a label which brought him much shame, pain and suffering. Despite this, Ivan used this challenging period of his life to accept his own shortcomings, which were considerable (as they are for all humans). Over 11 long years he learnt about wellbeing, and in 2021 he managed to successfully get off Olanzapine, a tranquilizer which had numbed his senses, slowed his reflexes, slowed his mental processing, and badly impacted his ability to relate to others and enjoy life. Fortunately, many years of meditation improved his relationship with God, while the love of friends, family and his dog Frank, helped in his journey of recovery. The last piece of the puzzle was restoring his body with important nutrients and vitamins, and finding his local Anglican Church. He now has joyful and full life with his wife Danielle and dog Frank, family and friends.

About Happy Ground Wellbeing

We provide wellbeing and happiness training for businesses and individuals through tailored programs that are informative, effective and fun.

We provide a range of training programs for businesses, including programs to manage stress, live well with change, and improve wellbeing. Our community courses are also aimed at improving wellbeing through a range of tools and techniques to improve our minds and open and strengthen our hearts.

In addition to our wellbeing and happiness programs, Ivan also speaks to businesses, at conferences, and to community groups about happiness, meditation and mental health.

We’d love to help you or your colleagues.