Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you react to it. 
Charles Swindoll

Can we be happy in challenging times?

We believe you can. True, when things are hard it can be hard to see any ‘silver linings’ and it can be very difficult to feel happiness in any form. For some, the pressures we face may to be too much, and we struggle to see the lighter side of life. We may become emotional, and follow the darker, heavier parts of us which can hold us down and make our lives even more difficult. For others, we simply don’t allow ourselves to be happy. We think ‘I’m suffering’, or ‘others are suffering’, and given these circumstances, believe we are not allowed to be happy.

The reality, however, is that with the right approaches, happiness is possible, almost irrespective of what is going on in our lives. With the right tools we can develop a sense of peace and joy that also brings a better perspective and greater resilience. Not only can we feel better, but our minds can become clearer, our relationships at both work and home can improve, and we can more effectively solve problems and function in a way that serves us.

In this program we teach some of the key tools for learning what has been described as ‘unreasonable happiness’ – a happiness that does not need a reason, and that comes from within. If applied regularly to your life, these tools can help you to be happier despite the challenges you, your loved ones and your work colleagues, face in these challenging times.

Learning outcomes

The ‘Happiness in challenging times’ program assists you to understand:

  • What happiness is and is not
  • How to nurture inner happiness, so your life circumstances don’t need to impact your happiness
  • Practical tools to increase your happiness and build resilience
  • Practical tools to assist you to make your happiness a priority

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Program elements

Core elements of this program include a discussion about what true happiness involves; exercises to manage challenging emotions and discover ‘unreasonable’ happiness; and tools to assist in developing great habits. You will also be provided with ‘homework’ exercises to continue on with after the session.

Delivery methods

We currently offer this program to organisations face to face (selected locations) across Australia, and to the world via video communications such as Skype and Zoom. This means you can do the training on your phone, tablet or laptop, anywhere in the world.

Next steps

To find out more or to book this training, please contact us.

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Happy customers

I enjoyed the meditation tips, remembering what I can and can’t control, and learning to be present. After the session I felt happier, more hopeful and optimistic, and calmer and more peaceful.

Jackie Harris, Department of Education, Tasmania

Everything was explained in simple terms. I enjoyed the mindfulness and control exercises, and felt calmer and more hopeful by the end of the session.

Sue Davidson, Department of Education, Tasmania