Happy Ground - living well with change

Why do we need to live well with change?

Today, learning to cope with the rapid changes that occur in our lives and our organisations is a core skill for managers and staff of any organisation. Among the types of changes workers must cope with are:

  • Changing technology and business systems
  • Restructures or changes in personnel
  • New managers and management styles
  • The uncertainty of contract work

While change is inevitable, it can bring stress for people if they do not understand the true nature of change and are not well equipped to manage the stresses associated with change. If we don’t live well with change we can experience a range of challenging thoughts and emotions such as fear, anger, disappointment and sadness. This can negatively impact the way we work, both individually and as part of a team.

Learning outcomes

The ‘Living well with change’ program assists participants to:

  • Understand wellbeing and stress
  • Understand the nature of change
  • Understand how our beliefs about change impacts our wellbeing
  • Discover tools to manage change well

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Program elements

This program is tailored to meet the needs of the organisation. However, core elements of any program include a discussion about wellbeing and stress, exercises about the nature of change, and a range of tools to enable us to live well with change.

Locations across Australia

We offer training for executives and staff in all capital cities. We also service some regional areas across Australia.

Next steps

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Happy customers

Thank you so much for coming and talking to our group. Everyone raved about it the whole weekend! You gave us all a good reminder that our wellbeing is so important.

Hayley Griffin

Bell Partners