Tasmania speaker: Mental health, happiness and meditation
Tasmania speaker: Mental health, happiness and meditation

Want an engaging speaker about mental health, happiness, wellbeing or meditation?

Dr Ivan Zwart speaks to businesses, at conferences, and to community groups. Ivan’s engaging talks focus on happiness, wellbeing, meditation, and mental health and illness.

Ah, the first rule of public speaking, always start with a joke’
Jon Stewart

Ivan brings a mixture of lived experiences and contemporary research to all of his speeches. But above all, Ivan speaks from the heart. He believes in the importance of the topics he addresses, and it shows in his presentations. Ivan speaks to groups of all sizes. Presentations are tailored to audience / organisation requirements, but the topics covered include the following:

Happiness and wellbeing

As someone who has experienced some of the extreme highs and lows of life, and developed programs and services to help others become happier and more peaceful at work and at home, Ivan is a great choice to speak about happiness. His talks include a brief discussion of his life path, contemporary happiness and wellbeing research, and practical exercises for both the mind and the heart.

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While mindfulness and meditation have been used in eastern countries for thousands of years, in the west the benefits are only beginning to be recognised. Ivan demystifies the topic by outlining what meditation is, and explains it’s many benefits. If time permits, he then gives his audiences a taste of one or more meditation practices, such as breathing exercises, body scans, or heart meditation.

Mental health and mental illness

Mental health is now recognized as being as important as physical health. And like physical health, we need to give it regular attention and address any issues as they arise. While illnesses such as anxiety and depression are being discussed more widely, a contributing factor to these illnesses is stress. Around 75% to 90% of all doctor visits are for stress related ailments and complaints.* If awareness is increased there are many conditions that can be prevented.

As someone who has suffered from chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder, Ivan is a perfect case study on what can happen to people who do not have the tools to cope with life’s difficulties or the stresses of modern living. Having recovered from these illnesses, Ivan feels better than he ever believed was possible and is now very passionate about inspiring others to do the same.

While all presentations are tailored, presentations on mental health include the nature of mental health and ill-health, discussion of Ivan’s experiences as a mental health consumer, and solutions to poor mental health, which Ivan believes must be multi-faceted and lie predominantly within.

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Ivan speaks (almost!) anywhere in Australia. Please contact us for more information or to make a booking.­­­

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* Paul J. Rosch, ‘Job Stress: America’s Leading Health Problem’, USA Magazine, May 1991

Happy customers

Great session today, lots of interesting facts and research shared plus we were encouraged to try out different techniques which we could later use in our own daily lives. This is a good thing to do as it is often easier to remember a physical activity than straight facts presented, as by doing the activity you then remember why it is helpful.

Patricia Corby

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