Wellbeing & happiness training for individuals
Wellbeing & happiness training for individuals

Personal Wellbeing
& Happiness

We help people become happier
and discover the life they always wanted

Wellbeing and happiness

While we all want (and deserve) to be happy, and have a clear path for our lives, life can throw up all manner of difficulties and strange twists we didn’t foresee. These can knock us off kilter, leaving us feeling any number of things, including stressed, cynical or even depressed. Not how we want to live the rest of our lives! That’s where Happy Ground Wellbeing can help.

In recent times it has become increasingly clear that the secret to lasting happiness simply involves learning, and regularly applying, a series of skills and strategies that have been proven to help us both think and feel better. That’s where we come in! Our personal wellbeing programs teach these skills, which involve improving our minds, and opening and strengthening our hearts. So create the life you have always wanted today, and have some fun doing it.

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Our services

We offer face-to-face services in most capital cities and some rural areas of Australia.

Our services are as follows:

Happy Heart Peaceful Mind

A wellbeing program for heart and mind.

The complete personal development program.

Happy Ground Retreats Tasmania

Tasmanian retreats – Tranquil Point (including yoga, meditation and delicious local food).

Meditation Training

For improved inner calm and a clearer mind.

Speaking to community groups on happiness, meditation and mental health

To community groups on happiness, meditation and mental health.