Personal Development: Happy Ground Program Hobart
Personal Development: Happy Ground Program Hobart


Why is happiness and personal development so important?

Finding true happiness is the key to living a great life. People who are happy not only feel better, but they tend to be healthier, enjoy more positive relationships, are likely to be more successful, and there is even a link between happiness and longevity!

‘The purpose of our lives is to be happy’
Dalai Lama

Unfortunately, the pace and complexity of modern living can make life very busy and stressful. With high expectations at work, running households, the needs and demands of children, let alone trying to make time for friends and families, most of us are constantly on, problem solving and ‘fire fighting’. As a result, eventually cracks can start to appear. Some of the signs to watch out for include unsettled sleep, a feeling of being constantly wound up, quick to cry / become angry or even chest pains (see the doctor for this one!). These can be signs that you are doing too much and something has to change.

The answers are actually pretty simple but unfortunately a lot of people feel too busy to make the time to learn about them. This is where we come in. The Happy Ground Program is a group-based personal development program currently operating in Hobart, which is a culmination of years of study and research, and a pinch of person experience thrown in. It focuses on increasing happiness, reducing stress, facilitating personal growth and learning how to do all of these things into the future. And it does all this in eight 2 ½ hr sessions that are not only transformative but also fun.

Program elements/learning outcomes

The Happy Ground Program provides many of the answers to how to live the life you have dreamed of. Over eight 2 ½ hour sessions (Hobart) or three days (other locations), the program guides you through a four stage process that builds in a logical fashion:

Educate – Defining happiness and why it is important for our health and wellbeing.

Evaluate – The second stage involves briefly evaluating where we are now, how we got here, what lessons we have learnt and how all of this information can help us become happier in the future.

Envision – This stage asks, ‘what are my passions and goals?’ We look at our passions, develop goals, and make some plans for the future.

Empower – The final stage of the program includes a series of powerful exercises which focus on improving emotional wellbeing. These cover areas such as busyness, instigating change, forgiveness and love.

The program also includes a range of mindfulness, meditation and visualisation exercises blended throughout, as well as recordings to play at home. You also receive a Happiness Handbook with all the course content and exercises.

*Please note, you only share what you are comfortable during this course, we will not pressure you to disclose or discuss anything with others that you wish to keep private. 

Program results

We are constantly amazed by the results of the Happy Ground Program. On average, previous participants report outcomes including:

  • 83% reduction in stress;
  • 69% improvement in happiness levels; and a
  • 44% improvement in relationships.

Other outcomes include greater optimism and the ability to forgive more easily, a clearer mind, better sleep and improved relationships. These outcomes have been literally life changing. To see what past participants have to say, watch the videos below, or go to our program results page.


Great teaching or your MONEY BACK

We know that you will be very satisfied with the Happy Ground personal development program. However, if you don’t like the quality of the teaching after three sessions, we will provide you with a full refund, no questions asked.

Locations across Australia

At present the Happy Ground Program is held in Hobart, Tasmania. However, we can organise this training for groups in other areas of Australia. If you live outside Hobart and have a group keen to do this training, then please contact us.

For individuals, we offer the Individual Coaching Program, which has similar content to this program and is delivered in Hobart or via Skype.

Cost and next steps

Key details for the only Hobart course in 2018, starting Thursday 3 May, are as follows:

  • Places are limited
  • Class starts at 7 pm and goes until 9.30 pm, and is held every Thursday night for nine weeks
  • Each of these sessions is held at the Lotus Centre, 45 Victoria Street, Hobart (first floor, Lotus Room)
  • There is also a walking meditation session on Sunday 3rd of June, from 10-11 am (Hobart Rivulet)
  • To enrol visit the Registration page.

The cost of the program is:

  • $370 for a single participant.
  • $270 each (25 percent off) for you and a friend if you enroll together
  • $185 (50 percent off) for repeat participants.

Still in two minds? Then come along to the first session for free and pay us on or before Sunday 6th of May if you choose to complete the program. Please contact us if you wish to take up this offer.

If you have any further questions, then please contact us.


Happy customers

My thanks to Ivan and Dani of Happy Ground who have provided me with the tools for a better life. My daily meditation and diary entries encompass all I am grateful for and are a reminder of how much I have grown within the group. I smile more readily, find solitude when I need it and allow myself to feel happy. Thankyou to Happy Ground!


Good ‘seeds’ (thoughts, ideas) were planted during the course, these were noted in the diary, which can be used as an excellent revision tool when times get tough. I am leaving the course feeling happier! I also appreciated not being pressured to share or engage during group discussion, as sometimes you don’t want to share or talk.


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