Happy Heart Peaceful Mind

Why is a happy heart and peaceful mind so important?

Having a peaceful mind is vital to our wellbeing and effectiveness in work and in life. While this is generally well understood, what is less well known is that we also have a non-physical heart, which is the centre of nice feelings like peace, joy and love. When we have our hearts and minds working at their best, we can therefore not only feel at peace, but also experience great joy and love. This helps us at work and in other areas of our life as well.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. 
Helen Keller

Unfortunately, many of us have dominant minds which are nearly always ‘on’, and they can also be prone to challenging thinking. In addition, our hearts can be burdened. This makes it difficult to be as peaceful and happy as we can be.

The good news is there are ways to calm our minds and also improve our hearts, allowing us to feel the nice feelings from the heart. This is where we come in. The ‘Happy Heart Peaceful Mind’ Program is a group-based wellbeing program for organisations and the general public. The program teaches simple exercises for the heart that can be easily applied in daily life, as well as practical tools we can use to improve and calm our minds. It does all this in only two days, which are not only transformative but also fun.

Learning outcomes

The Happy Heart Peaceful Mind Program provides a unique approach to wellbeing that helps to bring our hearts and minds into balance. During the course you will learn how our heart and mind impacts our wellbeing. You will also learn skills to improve your heart and your mind.

Past participants have also seen tangible improvements in things like feelings of lightness, peacefulness, gratitude and joy. This could also happen for you too.

Program elements

The program guides you through a three stage process that builds in a logical fashion:

Stage 1 – Happiness with heart and mind – Defines happiness and why our hearts and minds are important for our wellbeing.

Stage 2 – Getting stronger – The second stage involves a range of exercises to assist us to become stronger emotionally, including ‘heart strengthening’ and gratitude exercises.

Stage 3 – Joy for self and others – The final stage of the program provides the final touches to developing happy hearts and peaceful minds. It includes exercises that teach us to go deeper into our hearts and develop positive relationships with others.

The program includes a range of relaxation and meditation exercises, as well as recordings to play at home.

*Please note, you only share what you are comfortable during this course, we will not pressure you to disclose or discuss anything with others that you wish to keep private. 

Program results

This program is our latest offering and was run with great success in 2018. The program was evaluated and showed participants not only learnt how to improve their hearts and minds, but also saw significant improvements in how they were feeling. Assessed on a five point scale, the changes included big improvements in:

  • How stressed, pressured or tense people felt (70 percent reduction)
  • How light people felt (113 percent improvement)
  • How calm people felt (63 percent improvement)
  • How much love people felt (43 percent improvement)

To find out more, watch the videos below and go to our program results page.


Locations across Australia

The ‘Happy Heart Peaceful Mind’ is delivered across Australia for organisations and the general public. If you have a group keen to do this training or would like to know more, then please contact us.

Cost and next steps

If you work for an organisation and are interested in this training please contact us.

We will be holding a course for the general public in the second half of 2019 in Tasmania. To express your interest in this course, please contact us and we will keep you updated when dates are finalised.