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Joyful Meditation

Why should we practice joyful meditation?

Would you like to learn how to feel calmer, achieve a quieter mind but feel more joyful in the process? You don’t actually need to change much about your life but simply learn to meditate. Research shows that meditation has a range of benefits for our mental and physical health, including reducing stress, anxiety and worry, and increasing happiness, optimism and compassion. The physiological benefits include reduced heart rate and blood pressure, and stronger immune systems. It also helps us to be more focused and creative at work.

‘The thing about meditation is: You become more and more of you
David Lynch

Many people say ‘I can’t do meditation’. Some have tried a bit, but complain they still have a busy mind. Whether meditation is entirely new to you, or you have dabbled in the past, what we teach through discussion and meditation practices, is that we can all meditate. Like developing any new skill, it takes a little knowledge and a bit of time and practice. But once you have the habit, you have a really healthy habit for life.

Our approach demystifies meditation, and instills good habits in the process. Although you can book a single session, a number of sessions are recommended to develop skills and knowledge, and the habits needed to create a regular practice that can last a lifetime.

We also have a Corporate Meditation Program which we deliver across Australia.

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Learning outcomes

  • Learn about what we mean by meditation
  • Discover the importance of meditation in everyday life
  • Learn a range of meditation approaches, including a joyful meditation for the heart
  • Learn how to develop a meditation habit that works for you

Program elements

While each session can be tailored to your needs, the focus of our meditation sessions are to help you to develop feelings of peace and joy. For this reason we teach heart meditation – a meditation practice that can:

  • Bring feelings of love, lightness, peace, and joy.
  • Help you deal with challenging emotions such as anger, disappointment or sadness.
  • Enable you to feel solid, grounded, and more like the real, deeper, you.

The essential elements of the heart meditation practice are to relax, touch our hearts and smile. In doing so, we create the possibility of feeling the many wonderful feelings that come from the heart, while also reducing the busyness of the mind. It can also help you to discover the deeper part of yourself, being your true self that sits within your heart.

Depending on your preference, we can also teach mindfulness exercises like body scans and breathing exercises to enable you to relax, as well as walking meditation.

We help you to understand the meditation style that will work for you, and how to develop the habit of regular meditation. You are also given ‘homework’ exercises to do, which are accompanied by a number of meditation recordings.

Delivery methods

This program is delivered to individuals and groups in Australia and the world via online platforms such as Skype and Zoom

Next steps

If you would like to learn how to meditate quickly and obtain the tools to feel more peace and joy in your life, try our joyful meditation program.

To book or inquire further, contact us.

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**Please note, some private health funds provide rebates on meditation classes; check with your fund.

Happy customers

During the first meditation I didn’t want to open my eyes for a full ten minutes. Ivan even managed to relax me and that’s saying something. His soft calming voice elevates you to another level, a space that’s yours alone, away from the busyness of everyday life. His voice and calm meditation has helped me gain some inner peace.


New Town
Ivan has a calming, centre-ing demeanour – which is somehow energetic at the same time – and his passion for teaching and sharing the knowledge he has attained is infectious. The meditation sessions were so valuable to us. Meditation, and the related discussions with Ivan, have reminded us to relax more through living in the moment and to invest time in recharging ourselves. Ivan’s gentle introduction to this wonderful practice has kick-started us into meditating at home (almost daily).
If you are thinking about it… do it!