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Meditation is not a means to an end. It is both the means and the end. 
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Meditation is a wonderful skill to learn. It can have a positive impact on stress and anxiety levels and encourage you to live more fully in the present moment. It reminds you that life is very much a journey, rather than a destination. It can also help you to discover the deeper part of yourself, being your true self that sits within your heart.

Walking is also something which is also wonderful for us, and which was once described as ‘The best medicine’ by the Greek physician and ‘father of modern medicine’, Hippocrates. We believe he was onto something! The good news is, we can be mindful while we walk, which not only gives us the physical exercise, but can also help our mental and emotional state as well. We have two types of walking practice for you to try. The first we call ‘Gratitude walking’ (slow meditative walking), and the other is mindful walking. We hope you give both a try and can learn to enjoy them.

This page provides a few tips on how to meditate, and a series of free guided meditation recordings for you to download and practice – at home or at work – in your own time. They cover four types of meditation, being:

  1. Mindfulness (relaxation)
  2. Heart-centred meditation
  3. Mindful walking
  4. Gratitude walking

Meditation tips (when sitting)

We recommend you find a quiet place to meditate where you won’t be disturbed. Sit upright but relaxed, with your back straight (a standard meditation pose). You can sit on a chair or the floor with your legs crossed, but be sure to have your back supported. It’s also good to keep your head level and close your eyes, to reduce the activity of the brain.

One of the keys with meditation is to start by giving yourself permission to use this time for your meditation. Then relax as best you can, and don’t try to hard, as this just makes our mind busier and can create anxiety. The other thing is to drop any expectations. One of the joys of meditation is that we never know what is going to happen, and remember – no two meditations are the same. So simply take on the ‘beginners mind’ each time, do the practice by following the instructions, and then be grateful for whatever occurred for you today.

Finally, enjoy! Meditation is not a test, so let go, do your best, and please have fun 🙂

Mindfulness (relaxation) meditations (click buttons to download)

Seated mindfulness practices involve bringing ourselves into the present moment, through an ‘anchor’ of some kind, such as the breath or the body.

Below you will find two mindfulness exercises, one focusing on the breath, and one the body. They can be used alone or to help you relax before you do the heart centred meditations.

Note: To download, simply click on the blue button. Once the recording starts playing, click on the three little buttons on the right hand side of the sound icon, and hit ‘download’).

Heart centred meditations (click buttons to download)

These meditations are designed to focus on your heart centre, located at the centre of your chest, level with your armpits. When doing these meditations, remember to relax, touch your heart with a few fingers, and smile to your heart (you’ll see what that means when doing the meditations). We recommend you begin with the basic heart steps meditation before moving on to the heart strengthening recordings. While you can do these meditations at any time, you may benefit from a body scan or breathing meditation first.

Note: To download, simply click on the blue button. Once the recording starts playing, click on the three little buttons on the right hand side of the sound icon, and hit ‘download’).

Mindful walking (click button to download)

To be mindful is to is to be present. Walking provides us with a wonderful opportunity to be present, and enjoy the action of walking, the earth below our feet, and our surroundings (amongst other things).

We have created a pdf that you can download, which has one preparation exercise (‘floppy walking’) and three different mindful walking exercises. We hope you can give them a try and enjoy them.

Mindful Walking

Gratitude walking meditation (click buttons to download)

The earth provides us with many wonderful things. One is the ability, through our feet, to stimulate our meridians (energy pathways linked to other parts of the body).

When we learn to stimulate, and feel this energy when we walk, we can also recognise that the earth can provide us with feelings of peace, strength, safety and joy. The meditative walking practice is simple to do and can leave us feeling peaceful, happy and re-energised.

To do this practice, simply download the pdf below (which includes basic instructions on the parts to each step), and then download and play the recording. To download the recording, simply click on the blue button. Once the recording starts playing, click on the three little buttons on the right hand side of the sound icon, and hit ‘download’).

With love,

Ivan and Dani 🙂

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