Danielle Woof - Design / Business support
Danielle Woof - Design / Business support

Danielle Woof works across the business but her focus is on communications, graphic design and business development. She is also a co-facilitator of the Happy Ground Program with husband Ivan.


Trained originally in the UK in computer science, Danielle started her working life in an IT Support role at a large manufacturing company. Danielle soon realised she wanted to have more of an impact on peoples lives, so returned to education and completed an honours degree in psychology with exercise and health sciences in 2003.

Danielle has worked in a variety of areas including government, not-for-profit/charities and personal training. Danielle has training and experience in:

  • Psychology
  • Exercise Prescription / Personal Training
  • Group facilitation
  • Teaching
  • Graphic design / Web design
  • Business development
  • Behaviour change
  • IT / Technical support
  • Office Management

Personal story

Danielle’s experience is one of facilitating positive change. Whilst working in various enabler/training roles Danielle witnessed the impact that education, positive interaction/support and motivation can have on people’s lives. For instance, while working in Neighbourhood Houses she learnt that basic training and personal support led students to believe in themselves and their abilities, and feel more positive about their future. Similarly, working with patients with chronic medical conditions gave Danielle the opportunity to create and observe a range of positive physical and psychological changes, including weight loss, improved confidence and positive mental health. These changes not only effected the patients but influenced the people around them.

Danielle shares Ivan’s passion of enabling people reach their potential and become as happy and fulfilled as they can be. She loves how her work with Happy Ground Wellbeing combines her passion for helping others achieve their best life, with her love of graphic design.

Want to know more about the team?

Danielle and Ivan have been interviewed on Australian radio over the years as well as featuring in print media. Their first interview in 2014 was on ABC radio, during which they discussed their personal histories, happiness, heart meditation, and their dog Frank. So, to find out more about the team, take a listen to the interview below.