Ivan Zwart - Founder and Facilitator of Happy Ground Wellbeing
Ivan Zwart - Founder and Facilitator of Happy Ground Wellbeing

Dr Ivan Zwart is the founder and facilitator of Happy Ground Wellbeing. His mission in life is to use his caring nature and genuine love of people to improve the wellbeing and happiness of others. To this end he has delivered meditation and happiness training to individuals and businesses in Australia since 2013, with consistently great results.


Prior to creating Happy Ground Wellbeing in 2013, Ivan had gained over twenty years experience as a trainer, facilitator, problem solver and researcher. His professional career began as a social scientist, with his doctorate evaluating the impact of small group processes (and group psychology) on decision making in government. Following this he worked in academia, state and local government, and consulting, where he gained further training and experience in areas including behaviour change, group facilitation and community engagement.

Personal story

While Ivan’s professional career had been very successful, for many years he battled with his mental health due in part to the personal circumstances in his life. In order to improve his wellbeing and make better decisions in life, Ivan visited counsellors and psychologists, read a large number of self-help and psychology books, and learnt to practice mindfulness and meditation. All of these interventions helped, along with the love and support of his wife Danielle and friends and family. However, a very significant change occurred in 2010, when he first learnt about heart meditation. Practicing heart meditation on a daily basis changed his life dramatically and made him feel more peaceful, grounded and happy.

Developing Happy Ground

Drawing on the many techniques he learnt from a wide variety of sources, by 2013 Ivan had obtained excellent mental health, and had learnt much from his experiences. It was then he decided to start helping others, using his professional training, research and lived experience to create a group of cutting edge wellbeing programs, as well as publishing a book. The wellbeing programs combine well established concepts from psychology and mindfulness designed to improve our minds, with highly innovative and effective exercises to improve the heart. The services are for businesses and members of the community, and include stress management, a meditation program, and the highly successful ‘Happy Heart Peaceful Mind Program’. Ivan is also a speaker and gives presentations about mental health and illness, meditation, and happiness.

Ivan’s dream is to continue to help people to become happier through improving their minds and their hearts. He is passionate about helping people, and has developed programs with his wife Danielle, that are making a real difference in people’s lives.

Want to know more about the team?

Ivan and Dani have been interviewed on Australian radio over the years as well as featuring in print media. Their first interview in 2014 was on ABC radio, during which they discussed their personal histories, happiness, heart meditation, and their dog Frank. So, to find out more about the team, take a listen to the interview by following this link.

Recently Ivan has also been interviewed by Hanny Allston on her podcast ‘Find your feet‘, where he talks about heart meditation and his book ‘Finding Happy Ground’. He was also interviewed by Aaron Schultz for ‘Outback Mind‘. Click on the links if you would like to have a listen.