This page contains a range of resources to assist you to think and feel better. It include information about Ivan’s book about happiness, called Finding Happy Ground: A practical guide to hope and happiness.

There are also a range of meditations to help you relax and feel the nice feelings from your heart, which include peacefulness, lightness and love.

Finding Happy Ground: A practical guide to hope and happiness – AVAILABLE NOW

Finding Happy Ground is a practical guide to hope and happiness. It contains the essence of what Ivan Zwart has learnt from many of research, meditation practice, happiness coaching and lived experience of mental health issues. The book has five steps which include steps for the heart and the mind, and over forty practical exercises which can be undertaken alone or with friends.

  • Better manage challenging emotions such as anger, fear and sadness
  • Think in ways that support you
  • Improve your relationships
  • Make great lifestyle choices
  • Feel more peace, love and joy

Finding Happy Ground is available through most online booksellers, including Barnes and Noble, Booktopia and Book Depository.

Meditation recordings

The meditation recordings below are free and can be downloaded and then practiced. There are exercises to help you relax and exercises for your non-physical heart, which can be strengthened and enable us to feel more peace, lightness and love.

Essential tips for meditation

When doing all exercises it is recommended that you find a quiet place and sit upright but relaxed (in a standard meditation pose). Please use a chair to keep your back straight and supported. It’s also good to keep your head level and close your eyes, to reduce the activity of the brain.

Relaxation exercises (click to download)

The first recordings are to help you relax, being breathing and body scan exercises (with long and short versions). They can be used by themselves or to help you relax before you do the exercises for the heart.

Heart improvement (click to download)

The second group of recordings are for your non-physical heart, located at the centre of your chest level with your armpits. When doing these, remember that the keys are to:

  • Relax
  • Touch your heart with a few fingers
  • Smile to your heart

In terms of the order of the heart recordings, it is recommended you do the basic heart steps first before moving onto the ‘heart strengthening’ recordings. These involve relaxing and not relaxing, smiling and not smiling, and touching and not touching your heart. There is also a link to a longer meditation called ‘Open Heart Meditation’ by Irman Effendi, the creator of the heart practices. While you can do this at any time, you may benefit from doing the other exercises first to prepare your heart.

Open Heart Meditation

If you would also like to download a longer heart practice called ‘Open Heart Meditation’ by Irman Effendi, click on this link:

Open Heart Meditation