This page contains brief information and links to a range of resources to assist you to feel and think better. It include information about Ivan’s book about happiness, called Finding Happy Ground: A practical guide to hope and happiness, and some free guided meditations.

Finding Happy Ground: A practical guide to hope and happiness 

Finding Happy Ground is a practical guide to hope and happiness. It contains the essence of what Ivan Zwart has learnt from many of research, meditation practice, happiness coaching and lived experience of mental health issues. The book has five steps which include steps for the heart and the mind, and over forty practical exercises which can be undertaken alone or with friends.

  • Better manage challenging emotions such as anger, fear and sadness
  • Think in ways that support you
  • Improve your relationships
  • Make great lifestyle choices
  • Feel more peace, love and joy

To purchase the book or find out more, please go to our Finding Happy Ground page.

Free guided meditation recordings

We have four types of free guided meditations, which are available for download (plus instructions), from our Free Meditations page.

  1. Mindfulness (relaxation) exercises, to help relax us and bring us into the present moment.
  2. Heart meditation exercises, to help us to feel the wonderful feelings from the heart, which include peacefulness, love and joy.
  3. Mindful walking meditation, which grounds us while bringing presence and peace
  4. Gratitude Walking meditation, which is a guided walking meditation that helps us to feel the beautiful, natural energy that exists within all of us through our meridians (energy pathways).