Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is pretty common these days for people to tell you that are feeling stressed. Whilst we led busy lives before the pandemic, it has clearly brought with it an even greater level of stress and uncertainty. How long will it last? Will there be another spike? Will I have work? Will I or my loved ones catch it? It is a truly frightening time.

There are many things in life that can lead to us feel stressed: too much or too little work; balancing all of the areas of our life; relationships; family issues; money worries; and poor health, to name a few.

We know that a small amount of stress can be good for us and actually motivating. It makes us get out of our cosy beds in the morning, it encourages us to maintain safe practices, and most of us are a lot more productive with a tight deadline hanging over us. So not all stress is bad. The problem is when there is a level of discomfort that comes with it, and the ‘fight or flight’ stress response kicks in more often than we would like, throughout the day and night. This is when our stress levels become chronic. At this point, there can be significant implications for our mental and physical health.

Many people seem to live with chronic stress for many months and even years. It becomes the ‘norm’ and ‘part of life’. But this kind of ‘distress’, can lead to huge problems if not addressed, such as:

  • Fatigue, exhaustion and burnout
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability, inhibited thinking
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Suicidal ideation and possibly even suicide
  • Cardiovascular diseases like stroke or symptoms i.e. chest pain, high blood pressure
  • Relationship difficulties / breakdowns
  • Overall – less enjoyment in life.

Happy Ground Wellbeing have run community and corporate stress management workshops for 7 years. From our experience, a large part of the reason that people suffer from high levels of stress is that they don’t have the skills to cope, or they don’t apply the skills on a regular basis. It is important to heed the warning signs before they can lead to something more serious, i.e. missing a traffic light.

So if you’re feeling stressed and experiencing any of the issues mentioned above or you just feel your current load in life is getting out of control, please get some help. Some of the options include a course, meditation or simply reading and learning more about stress management. By taking time to improve the way we manage stress, we can prevent more serious problems down the track and enjoy life more.

Take care,
Ivan and Dani

The Let it Go! Stress Management Workshop teaches ways to reduce or remove stressors, change your thinking about stress, relax more often, and ultimately find life more peaceful and enjoyable again. You’ll be surprised at how much better you will feel after this workshop. The next is on 4 October, 10am-3.30pm and 7 October, 7.30pm-9pm. Both sessions are held at the New Norfolk Golf Club, Tasmania. The price is $104 with lunch and refreshments included. Places are limited. Covid-19 safety regulations will be practiced at all times.
To book, go to:

Feel free to email or phone 0409 512 310 if you have any questions.